Tuesday, 22 January 2008


today i read
of Camus' car crash
of Coward's craven killer
of Carter's carcinogen concomitant

what happens to brilliant minds
when touched by moist earth
and feasted upon by worms?

do worms just keep chewing and pooing
until they put someone new in?


J. L. Panagopoulos said...

I like both poems. I have often wondered about the worms.
Nice job. Keep up the good work.


The Unskilled Poet said...

Hi Janie,

Thanks for your comment! I like to balance up my playing with poems between being silly and being serious. Not really sure what my 'voice' is yet, so I'm just developing and experimenting.

...but I do wonder about the worms!

Unskilled Poet

Nothingman said...

worms die-t till the next one comes ;)


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