Friday, 25 January 2008

Daily Challenge: Haiku

Haiku is an often misunderstood form of poetry. Some see it as being the simplest style (being made of three lines of five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables), but to get a haiku just right is very difficult. So! I challenge you to give it a go. I'm certainly going to try!

spring flowers

the winter frost fades
as from rich and choking earth
daffodils emerge


Crafty Green Poet said...

I love haiku and you're very right - a much misunderstood form. In English the 5-7-5 isn't even necessary, its more of a guideline than a straightjacket, the seasonal reference and the split into two parts being more important. I have lots of haiku links on my blog....

The Unskilled Poet said...

Interesting! I didn't know that the syllables weren't necessary - I thought they were crucial to the cadence of the poem? Is it more about flow and feel, then?

Feel free to contribute a haiku to this blog!

Kathleen Mortensen said...

Okay. I'll have a go.

Ice-shards melting down
Over edge of steel-shaked roof
Unsettling the cats


The Unskilled Poet said...

Lovely! I really like the image 'steel-shaked roof' - such a vivid image! Do come back and contribute again!

Nadia Giordana said...

Here are two (not 5-7-5) to ponder:

cold, icy arctic night
the Windigo waits
in the shadows

blustery winter storm
crawls under door frame
cries futile tears

The Unskilled Poet said...

Nice! Thank you, Nadia! I particularly like the second haiku and the combination of controlled space and uncontrolled experiences (ie. storms/tears).

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