Monday, 11 February 2008

Daily Spark Word: Click

An onomatopoeia again today! Now get writing...

clicking into place

there were several things that
day that

one. her earrings. as she
snapped them in
two. her handbag. as she
clipped it
three. her heels. as she


Jim Murdoch said...

Bare Naked Truths

"I don't know what you see,
Mr Butler," I said,

"always clickin' away
wiv that camera of yours.

What can you possibly
see through that tiny 'ole

that you can't see wiv the
two eyes God blessed you wiv?

'Ere, don't point that fing at
me. I've not fixed me 'air."

"It's like a keyhole, Pearl,"
'e said an' smiled in that

way of 'is, (an' then of
course ev'rythin' made sense)

"I imagine you've peeked
though a keyhole or two
in your time. Now you look

fine as you are so sit
perfectly still and say,


I though today I'd keep working with an accent, this time a cockney accent, at least for the girl. The setting is a model sitting for a photographer who's producing a set of images for a mutoscope, known commonly in the UK as a, What-the-Butler-Saw machine and popular in the early 20th century. "Birth of the Pearl" was one of the sets which shows a nude woman rising from a seashell and standing.

The Unskilled Poet said...

Interesting! Love the use of dialect, and the realness of the situation. I identified with it through my own experiences with people who never detach themselves from their camera (ie. while on holiday), although your explanation is very interesting.

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