Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Daily Challenge: Taste

Today's challenge is to write a poem focussing on one of the five senses. Today's sense is 'taste'.

first kiss

the taste of you is
lawn fresh and sky
clear, and your lips are
ripe grapes, and your
tongue is sweet
but your breath
is spicy, and your too
warm skin breathes
liquid fumes that make
me want to


Jim Murdoch said...

Truth Bites

The truth is an acquired taste
especially when served cold.

Lies come in many flavours
but truths are mostly bitter
and hard to swallow. A pinch

of salt can help but I find
they still can stick in your throat.

Plot Whisperer said...

Still not a poet, but a lover of poetry. Wonderful description of that most elusive sense when it comes to words. :)

Stella said...

why do I think
of you
every time
I bite into
a strawberry?

Miss Ticket Stubs said...

Nice work everyone! Sorry about the delayed responses - have been frollicking in the French countryside eating cheese and drinking wine. Hope you didn't miss me too much!

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