Thursday, 31 January 2008

Daily Spark Word: Fill

Off you go, you wonderful poets!


there comes a time
when the glass must

where do you catch
the spilled liquid?
in your

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Daily Spark Word: Free

Today's challenge is the word 'free'. I look forward to reading your creations!


there are hills that roll with pea-green meadows
and cliffs that are jaggy and grey
there are oceans that churn with ice-white sea-spray
and woods that are earthy with willows

but all of these places are nowhere near
and none are as loving and fresh
as your hands and lips on my morning flesh
or your thumb as you wipe away a tear

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Daily Spark Word: Old

Today's challenge is to construct a poem based on the word 'old'. Enjoy!


dust-filled grooves are
blown by
lavender breath

engraved words read
don't touch
but who can stop?

Monday, 28 January 2008

Daily Challenge: Don't Think!

Okay, today's challenge is to write a poem for as long as you want, but you're not allowed to change it at all. You have to write the first thing that comes into your mind, and you just stop when you feel it reaches a natural conclusion. My attempt is below!


Go down young son to the riverside
There you will find a youthful bride
Her hair is flax and her mind is strong
And she will love you her whole life long

Go down old man to the fireside
There you will find my youthful bride
Her hair is straw and her mind is weak
And she will hate me all day every week

london fog

there is something so cleansing
about clouds smothering alleys and alcoves
there is something so beautiful
about sparkling dew on Thatcherite towers
there is something so peaceful
about london in the fog

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Daily Challenge: Alphabet Poem

Slightly delayed on today's challenge, but I've decided to do something a little different. I challenge you to write a 26 word poem that uses every letter of the alphabet consecutively a-z (or z-a if you find that easier!). I'm sure the poems will be nonsense more often than not, but it should be fun! I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

waxing lyrical

a broken charisma doesn't emerge fallow
going home isn't just kindness lost
maybe now overt philosophy quits
rivers suddenly till uneven valleys
when xenophobics yield zealously

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Daily Spark Word: Confession

Today's word is 'confession'. Add your poem to the comments section of this post. It doesn't need to be brilliant or polished - it's all about giving it a go!


thoughts trickle from my mind
and words tickle my tongue
but when the sentence is ready
and my lips part
you are not


take your time to tip down throat and twist toes to timing float skirt hems over feeble shod feet and flood face with fun rise shoulder hugs as rich sounds return and rune rings fall round

Friday, 25 January 2008

Daily Challenge: Haiku

Haiku is an often misunderstood form of poetry. Some see it as being the simplest style (being made of three lines of five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables), but to get a haiku just right is very difficult. So! I challenge you to give it a go. I'm certainly going to try!

spring flowers

the winter frost fades
as from rich and choking earth
daffodils emerge

a watched pot

a recipe that should take two hours
somehow takes five
as you slice and chop
and dice and lop
the dish won't thrive
and slowly slowly your effort sours

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Daily Spark Word: Clap

Today's challenge: a poem somehow relating to the word 'clap'. Get writing!

Clap Your Hands

expressing joy through sound
curve left hand
curve right hand

expressing joy through sound
curve right hand
curve left hand


how can it have reached eight a.m?
the sun still sleeps through the winter
and my blood is frozen water

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Daily Spark Word: Drop

I have decided to use my blog to encourage other people to write daily as well. I know at the moment this blog is read by barely anyone, but it's for myself as much as for others. If you do happen to come across this, and would like to participate, then fantastic! All you have to do is comment on this post and, using the daily theme, write a poem in any style on the Spark Word.

Today's Spark Word is Drop. My attempt is below.


dewdrops on the window
hiding raindrops outside
and teardrops inside
dropping drippily into my lap


sometimes when i walk along
my shoes will start to squeak
i start to step much softer
to make the squeaking weak

i wonder who can hear it
and what they'd think of me
and wonder why it's shameful
to have shoes squeak endlessly

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


don't worry about me
churning dumpy dyspraxic dough
kneading needy lungs
and bleeding buttery bile

don't worry about me.
i will go at my own pace.


today i read
of Camus' car crash
of Coward's craven killer
of Carter's carcinogen concomitant

what happens to brilliant minds
when touched by moist earth
and feasted upon by worms?

do worms just keep chewing and pooing
until they put someone new in?

Monday, 21 January 2008


disgrace only had friends
because you're not around

a saigon corner

the street is heroin-free public-toilet blue
and the buildings are linked by a mess of
power lines
tangled like capillaries.
women with toothless grins try to sell aging fruit
and a man offers opium? cocaine?
a light rain
no wetter than breath
sprinkles on our exposed knees and elbows.

my boyfriend’s stigmata

we ponder buying
most exquisite of champagnes
or bargain three pack of red.

my boyfriend says:
Oh. Shit.


I joke:
It’s Stigmata!

But, despite tired smiles,
and casual, unconcerned laughter,
beneath the shop clerk’s quivering smile


passport control

we arrive
with dry hands
dry lips
dry eyes
and hair designed by airplane

EU to the right
left for Non-EU

the difference is

- but!

i say

- i live here!

wry smiles
and a choir of accents reply

- don't we all?

why poet where rhyme?

ive no idea
how to write poetically

form and rhythm
are like a northern line train

impossible to get a seat on

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