Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Daily Challenge: See

Sorry - my challenges are slowing down from daily to weekly due to time constraints. Hopefully I'll be able to drag them back up to daily soon! Today's challenge is another sense: see.


we stood on the shore
you and me
and purple clouds drifted
before our eyes

you asked me
'where does the sun go?'

i replied
'can't you see?'

1 comment:

Jim Murdoch said...

Event Horizon

There is
a certain moment
between looking and seeing
between the future and the
past an instant when it should
all make perfect sense.

When in
that certain moment
open your eyes and focus,
remember with all your might.
Elsewise you will simply have
to imagine it.

Do you
realise just how
much you will forget every
moment of every day of
your life? Look and you will see.
Look. Look hard. Look now.

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